AJ (Tony) Northover

A Christmas Present of a term of art lessons, along with a “starter kit” for Oil Painting, started Tonys Artistic Journey in 1998, at the age of 42, in a Small Warrandyte Gallery in Victoria, Australia. With no formal studies in Art, Tony was apprehensive about doing the lessons, but he remembers his mother often told him that he could draw really well and should pursue it, which of course he didn’t!

“To me, good drawing, is the backbone of any of my works, and as my journey continues, I am constantly looking at reducing the image to the bare minimum of lines required, although in some of my sketch work or studies, you will see multiple lines drawn until I am happy with angle or curvature or weight etc.”

AJ (Tony) Northover

With the unfortunate closure of the gallery just 12 months later, Tony was by now ‘hooked’ and was further encouraged by the ‘Highly Commended’ award he had just received  in a local exhibition.  He very quickly started classes with the local, well known & awarded artist, Walter Magilton, who also recognised Tonys drawing skills. Now after 18 years, and with “Watercolour” being his medium of choice, Tony has been fortunate enough to have been taught by some of the more outstanding & award winning watercolour artists around today.

In Victoria, we are blessed with many of the best, David Taylor, Malcolm Beattie, Robert Wade, Greg Allen, Amanda Hyatt, to name a few. He now feels he has developed his own unique style, but acknowledges the many professional techniques he has learnt or taught himself over the journey. He is also now more aware of the existence and power of colours, light and shadows in what might be seen by others as a boring subject, and the reason why he enjoys painting his popular “hill studies” so much.

“Concentrating on painting, he uses strong areas of colour to create compositions that, at their best, take the painting beyond the bounds of the subject matter.”

Peter Dougherty, Art Critic (in a DV Leader article)

His subjects are many and varied and he has no desire to settle on any particular theme or genre at this stage although he does enjoy “the landscape, wildlife and maritime themes” in all their forms, shapes and subjects.

Tonys’ work has now won a number of Awards in local art shows, and in Various Art Society Exhibitions, including ‘Best Local Landscape’ at the Yea Rotary Art Show and finalist in the inaugural Castellaville Art Prize.

He has now held Nine Solo Exhibitions, and about the same number of Group Exhibitions, as well as Exhibiting in various Art Shows since 2004.